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"Amazing! Seriously mu muscles have gotten so much more toned since I started your workouts!" - Naira
"I can safely safely say these are the best pilates workouts I have ever done!" - Crystal
"Amazing! Seriously mu muscles have gotten so much more toned since I started your workouts!" - Naira
Meet Keri McClanahan
I’m a mama, wife and certified Classical Pilates Instructor. I practice Yoga almost daily, I LOVE the outdoors, I’m passionate about nutrition and exercise and I love life so much!!

I found Pilates 10 years ago and fell in love with the practice. I got certified by an amazing school in LA which was a year long and in the lineage of Jospeh Pilates! I’ve been certified for 8 years now and have had so much experience teaching a wide range of clients and group classes. I have such a passion for movement and the human body. I LOVE giving my knowledge of Pilates and Yoga and helping others.

I’ve also found a niche in Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates and Yoga. I love helping mamas be able to workout throughout their pregnancy and start their workouts back up postpartum. 

My workouts are so unique to me! I grew up dancing, so I’ve been able to create workouts with a dancers background combined with Pilates and Yoga. The workouts that I create will be 15-45 minutes long. Some short and sweet and other workouts a little longer and more in depth. 
I’m going to be giving a wide range of workouts:Yoga Flows, mat Pilates, combining Pilates/Yoga and hit movements, Pre & Postnatal exercises and so much more!! I’ll be doing challenges such as a backbend or handstand or abs challenge and more of course!

And lastly, I love working out in the comfort of my house and that’s what I want to give to you. 
It’s so nice to be able to workout when and where I want. Wearing whatever and in my own space. AND as a busy mom it’s amazing to workout at home before my kids wake up, during their nap time or while their home and even let them join me!

I’m soo excited for you to join me!
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